I am beyond grateful to have found such an amazing doctor and procedure for the treatment of my uterine fibroids. The experience has been a great and truly liberating one for me.

Initially, not knowing anything about the Acessa procedure I had many questions and concerns, which were quickly remedied after meeting Dr. Lee. He is an incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable and through doctor, with a warm and comforting bedside manner (truly a wonderful man).

Any initial hesitations subsided and paled in comparison to my concerns about having a hysterectomy; as this was the recommended treatment option offered by my initial gynecologist (I was not interested in the (UFE) Uterine Fibroid embolization treatment option after gaining further knowledge on the topic) and the other alternative procedures offered did not appear to have the precision of treatment, nor provided the needed reassurance of success I sought.

However, with my uterus the size of a 6-month pregnancy, mounting pressure on my bladder, bouts of heavy bleeding and anemia, I was finally ready to decide. Armed with a better understanding of why it was essential to receive treatment and this newfound Acessa treatment option, I knew Dr. Lee and his Acessa procedure were the right choice for me. (This decision was made after much research and contemplation; I don’t take having any medical procedure lightly).

From that first meeting with Dr. Lee in which he took a significant amount of time to talk with me, provide a through examination, address my concerns and explain everything in clear, concise detail, to the long awaited surgery day (nice outpatient facility and team, great anesthesiologist) – all questions were answered, comforted by my belief in Dr. Lee, to waking to even better results than anticipated. With a rapid recovery – rested for a couple days (lightly cleaned for two hours the next day – sorry Doctor Lee – had the bonus of much energy couldn’t help myself), to today the day of my now one month anniversary.

I have discovered, the decision to have the Acessa procedure with Dr. Bruce Lee was the best decision I could have ever made to treat my fibroids. The treatment has made such a positive impact on my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

My heartfelt gratitude to you Dr. Bruce Lee, thank you for caring so much about your patients to bring about the groundbreaking Acessa procedure which has already helped so many of us women in great need.

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