Today, Blue Cross/BlueShield of the Midwest (Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Montana, and New Mexico) issued a policy statement declaring coverage of the Acessa procedure. Logically, this indicates that the Blues in other regions will at some point follow suit, as will other major insurance carriers.

This event is truly a landmark in the 15-year journey to bring this procedure to women in need. It is a huge step that will foster more steps. Of all the emotions and thoughts that I now experience, I feel, most of all, gratitude. I am grateful that this event makes the procedure available to millions of Midwest women who suffer from the symptoms of fibroids. I am thankful that so many will find relief, become free of the restrictions, negative feelings, and pain that fibroids cause. And they will not have to endure major surgery or have their uterus removed. They will get their lives back! Acessa will give them them that and eventually, it will do the same for women the world over.
Thank you to all who helped make this happen. . . to the many who followed their beliefs and fought the hard, innumerable battles, often suffering setback after setback. Thank you to you all for your support. The dream is slowly coming true.

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