pregnancy after acessa by dr bruce lee
In July of 2015, I performed the Acessa procedure upon a patient of Dr. Patrick Diesfeld at the Ventura Surgery Center in Ventura, CA. She had a history of infertility for years and uterine fibroids that were causing pelvic pain and heavy menstrual bleeding. She and her husband had desired a child and had attempted to conceive for years but had been unsuccessful. They had almost given up any hope of having a child, since she was now over 40 years of age. Dr. Diesfeld advised them to treat the fibroids with the Acessa procedure.

At surgery we treated multiple uterine fibroids with Acessa. Given age considerations, I recommended that the patient begin efforts to conceive during her next menstrual cycle. She became pregnant that very next month and went on to enjoy a normal pregnancy.

I am now very happy to report that last week she delivered a healthy baby boy! A couple with infertility became a family. Happily, both mother and baby are doing well.

As a physician, I am so very fortunate to be able to provide the many benefits of Acessa to women afflicted with fibroids. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your patients return to normal life, without the pain, heavy bleeding, abdominal distension, and loss of control that fibroids frequently cause. And to know that through Acessa we enabled a couple with infertility to have the child they always wanted, well, the feelings and emotions in response to that are absolutely indescribable. But what I recognize most is the feeling of immense gratitude…and an even stronger commitment to bring Acessa to the many millions of women with uterine fibroids.

I commonly see Acessa give women their life back. And that is truly fantastic. In this case, Acessa actually helped to give life.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Lee

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