acessa procedure review
I underwent the Acessa procedure and a month recovery right before we went into stay at home orders. The silver lining is, owning a pilates and movement studio that is closed, I have been able to continue to get strong and focus on my own physical recovery more than I may have done before. I cannot imagine having to wait for my surgery and hope women keep their bodies moving right now in preparation for their surgeries.

My experience having the Acessa procedure with Dr. Lee was one that was so supportive in treating 6 fibroids and my case of endometriosis.

I had to go to the bathroom all the time for 4 years as a grapefruit sized fibroid was pressing on my bladder. I do not take surgery lightly. I met with 5 different doctors, spoke to friends, debated all my options and tried all the holistic recommendations. Pilates and bodywork and good nutrition were everything pre and post surgery and continue to be, however, I would not have the energy, comfort level in my body, or bandwidth to deal with these challenging times if it was not for choosing Acessa with Dr. Lee and feeling the constant support of he and his team if I continue to need anything.

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